Pairs that locked:


Anery x Snow

Season 2011


Female Snow locks with our Anery male (25.03.2011). After a week we will replace him with our Amelanistic male, and we will switch them until they refuse to breed.


18.04.2011 Snow female laid 16 eggs. All look fertile, although it took us a while to get them to incubator and they dried a bit. First picture shows the eggs right after placing them in the incubator, second was made a couple days later (you can see some of them poped back nicely). Some part of them won't hatch probably, because they dried too much - well our fault. Won't happen again - we all learn from our mistakes. How it wil go - we'll see!



Second thing is that two eggs were stuck in female, and we don't know exactly why - maybe she was too tired already or they were too big, but we managed to remove them from the female by gently pushing them out. Those 2 eggs were not good for incubation, so we just threw them away - most importantly the female is ok!


May 14th - middle of the incubation, all 13 eggs are looing healthy (3 went bad), and it looks like we should see some babies in around 10th of June.


June 8th - we cut 2 eggs (one bad and one healthy), on June 10th first snake came out - Snow (we didn't expect that so it was a nice surprise). We decided to cut all the eggs. On June 11th three snakes came out of the eggs already (2 Snow and one Anery so far). The rest is sticking their heads out.


As soon as they shed and eat by themselves 2-3 meals they will go to "Available" section!


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