Pairs that locked:


Pinstripe x Lesser

Normal # 1 x Lesser

Normal # 2 x Lesser

Normal # 3 x Spider

Season 2012/2013


At the beginning of October we paired our three females (2x Normal, Pinstripe) with Lesser male. At the end of December we paired our third female Normale with our Spider male

Lesser locked with Pinstripe and both Normals (one of them laid eggs last year) females. Male Spider also locked with the last normal female.

You can watch vids from those locks on our YouTube channel.

17.01.2013 - We have first ovulation this season! Female Normal, that we paired with our Lesser!
Now we wait for the prelay shed and around 30 days later we should see some eggs!

14.03.2013 - First eggs this season! Female had her prelay shed at 11th of February, and after 31 days she laid 7 fertile eggs.

All of them have visible blood vessels which only proves their fertility! She did better this year because last year she laid 6 good eggs (3 were infertile)!

You can watch video with those eggs on our YouTube channel.

Babies should hatch around the 9th of May! Lets hope other females will also go this year and we will see more eggs!

29.03.2013 - Second ovy this season (last probably)! Female Pinstripe bred to a Lesser, so we hope for first 2 gene combo to hatch in our collection!

There is a short clip from this ovy on our YT channel!

03.05.2013 - We cut our first eggs this season (Normal x Lesser)! Out of 7 eggs we got 4 Lessers and 3 Normals, so pretty good odds!

You can watch us cut those eggs on our YT channel!

Pinstripe female should lay in about 10 days!

14.05.2013 - All the babies from the first clutch of 2013 season are out! All are healthy looking and will be sexed and put into separate tubs after their first shed :)!

Pinstripe should lay any day now - it's day 29 after Pre Lay Shed!

19.05.2013 - Female Pinstripe finally layed after 34 days after PLS! She droped 9 eggs and 1 slug, so not bad for a first time! Two or three eggs have a little less veins then the rest but let's hope they won't go bad!

Video from taking the eggs from the female is on our YouTube channel!

Meanwhile all the babies from the first clutch are getting ready for their first shed - all are in blue!

25.05.2013 - All the babies from the first clutch have shed! The sex ratio is 5 females (2 lessers, 3 Normals) and 2 males (2 lessers)! Here are a few pictures:

Also there is a video of all the babies after shed on our YT channel!

All the eggs from Pinstripe x Lesser clutch have developed stronger veins, so we're hoping for 9 healthy babies!

15.07.2013 - We cut the eggs from our Pinstripe female!

Few pictures of the babies inside the eggs:

Out of 9 eggs we got: 4 Kingpins, 2 Lessers, 1 Pinstripe, 2 Normals! So pretty good odds!

Cutting video is on our YT channel!

20.07.2013 - All babies are out of the eggs:

Here are the sex ratios: 3.1 Kingpin, 0.2 Lesser, 0.1 Pinstripe, 0.2 "Normal".

Video with babies is on our YT channel!

We talked with some bigger breeders and it appears that we got a YB gene in our collection that we didn't know about! Our Lesser male is most likely a YB, and all the babies can possibly be a YB also. That's a nice surprise! We will work with that a little more to find out if it's a YB or something in that complex!


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