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The whole project started around 2006 as I bought my first Corn snake.
Few years later, together with my friend Paul we started GPreptiles! We started with Corn snakes and then got hooked up with Ball Pythons.
Ofcourse there were many other different animals in the meantime, but we never got really into them as we did into Balls ;).
And so in 2011 we bred our Corn snakes for the first time and it was the very first time we hatched baby snakes! Awesome feeling when you see those little heads poking out of the eggs! Few months later we actually started pairing our Ball Pythons for the very first time, which was a bit more challenging then breeding corns ;). But we were successful and we hatched our first baby Balls in mid 2012 ;).
At that point we were hooked! Year after year we would grow our collection and breed cool Ball Python morphs!
Unfortunatelly at the end of 2015 due to some personal problems Paul was forced to quit keeping and breeding snakes! Since then I had to continue solo with maintaining the collection and everything around it.
I keep around 30 Ball Pythons at the moment and still growing! I cannot wait for some future projects that I'm working on, and I'm curious what the future will bring!


Best regards,